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Accessing your Dashboard

Use the following link to log into your dashboard along with the username and password you’ve already received. ( Ex:



Getting to know your Dashboard

Admin Bar: Use this bar to toggle between the front end of your website and the dashboard, open the page editor and log out.

Admin Navigation: This is a hub for all your website functionality. forms submissions and requests, products, reports and your media library.





Adding Media

  1. Select the ‘Media’ tab to add new images and documents.
  2. Click Add New
  3. Select Files
  4. Insert Media

NOTE: You must add media here to add the image or document to any page on the site.


Anatomy of your Media upload

Edit Image: resize or rotate your image with this option
URL: Direct web link to your image or document
Title & Caption: change image information here
Delete permanently: Delete media item

Image Size Guidelines

Corporate Site (pixel sizes)

  • Slider Image Size: 1900 x 600
    • Header Image Size: 1920 x 645
    • Wayne Dalton Garage Doors Section: 799 x 533
    • Genie Garage Door Openers Section: 1136 x 756
    • Commercial Doors Section: 740 x 494
    • Commercial Operators Section: 705 x 529
    • Services & Support Pages: 624 x 468
    • Blog Featured Image: 653 x 380

    • Blog Images: these images are attached to the detailed view inside the blog post so they need to be a minimum size of 1024 x 682; WordPress automatically crops the blog tiles to 500 x 300 to fit the cards on the Home page

Location Site (pixel sizes)

  • Slider Image: 1900 x 600
    • Header Image: 1920 x 645
    • Residential Doors Section: 799 x 533
    • Visualize Center Section: 858 x 644
    • Wayne Dalton Garage Doors Section: 799 x 533
    • Genie Garage Door Openers Section: 1136 x 756
    • Commercial Doors Section: 740 x 494
    • Commercial Operators Section: 705 x 529
    • Services & Support Pages: 624 x 468
    • Promotions: 701 x 446
    • Product Category Grid ( Top level page): 858 x 644
    • Product Category Grid ( 2nd level page): This is the same image as the ‘product detail’ image but is cropped to 400 x 300 for this page. Please refer to product detail image for true size
    • Product Detail: 1100 x 637

Note: When you upload an image WordPress automatically saves the original file plus it creates a series of thumbnails in different sizes. These smaller images will then be used on your theme templates when needed in order to load the optimum size image every time and improve the load speed of your site. By default, WordPress saves the “full” size, “large”, “medium” and “thumbnail”.

Editing Content

Edit Pages

Using the top admin bar toggle to the frontend of your website. Navigate to the page you would like to edit. Click the ‘Beaver Builder’ link in the top admin bar.


You will know you are in edit mode if you hover over elements and the blue outline box appears. To edit the element click the ‘wrench’ icon.

A popup box will open that allows you to make your changes.

Ensure you click ‘Save’.

Note: If the section is not editable a red outline box will appear when you hover.



Once your edits are complete, ensure you save and publish.

Click ‘Done’ in the top right corner of the screen, then click Publish.









Changing Header Images

Change Header Images

  1. Navigate to the page you would like to change
  2. Click ‘Edit Page’ in the top admin bar
  3. Scroll down to the ‘Featured Image’ section
  4. Remove the current image and upload a new one
  5. Click ‘Update’


Change Slider Images

  1. Navigate to the ‘Smart Slider’ tab on the admin navigation bar
  2. Hover over the Home Page Slider and click Edit
  3. Hover over the slide you would like to edit




To change the background image:

  1. Click background
  2. Select the image icon to upload a new image

After your edits are complete, click Save.



Adding Promotions

  • Use the top admin bar to toggle to the frontend of your site
  • Click the ‘Promotions’ page
  • Click ‘Beaver Builder’ in the top admin bar

Once the editor is open hover over the promotion you would like to change
Click the 2nd wrench icon inside the row to edit


  • Replace the title with a new one
  • Replace the text in the content block with new text
  • Click on the ‘image/icon’ tab to edit the image
  • Click ‘edit’ on the photo and replace
  • Click ‘save’ on the popup box

  • Use the 1st wrench icon to open the row editor
  • Click the ‘advanced’ tab in the popup box
  • Under ‘visibility’ use the ‘display’ dropdown and change it from logged in user to always ( this allows this row to be viewable to the public)

Note: Use this same method to hide any promotions you do not want seen.









Requests & Reports

Viewing Requests and Reports

Use the ‘Woocommerce’ tab to navigate to the ‘Orders’ page

  • Click ‘Processing’ to view the newest requests
  • Hover over the request to view details

Note: These reports are for informational purposes only. An email notification is automatically sent to local admins each time a request is submitted.

Navigate to the ‘Woocommerce’ tab to view the reports page

Use this page to view reports such as average amount of requests, most requested product, and customers lists.

Product Images

Edit Product Images

  1. Navigate to the ‘Products’ tab on the admin sidebar
  2. Click ‘All Products’
  3. Hover over the title of the product you wish to edit




Upload New Image

Use the product sidebar to:

  • Preview changes
  • Upload featured images and gallery images

Note: The ‘product image’ is used for the product grid page and the product gallery is used for the product detail page. Ensure that the. ‘product image’ and first image of your gallery are the same.




Check Form Submissions

  • Navigate to the ‘Ninja Forms’ tab and click ‘Submissions’
  • Use the dropdown to select the form for which you would like to view submissions



  • Hover over the submission you would like to view
  • Click ‘Edit’
  • View Detailed view of your submission


Change Notification Email Address

  • Navigate to the ‘Ninja Forms’ tab
  • Click ‘Dashboard’
  • Click the gear icon to open the settings submenu
  • Click Edit


  • Click the ‘Email & Actions’ tab
  • Click ‘Email Notification’
  • Update your new email address in the ‘To’ field



  • Click ‘Done’
  • Click ‘Publish’


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